Sunday, January 9, 2022

Kamri Chelle's newborn photos

Our friend Amanda took the sweetest newborn photos of our Kamri girl on Sept. 13th


September 2021 Welcome Kamri!

Final countdown until baby sis gets here!!

The last couple weeks before the baby arrived were busy and fun!
My parents actually lived with us during that time!  They sold their house in Delta and their new home in Spanish Fork wasn't quite done yet so they stayed with us and it worked out great!  We loved the quality time spent and the help!
Labor Day weekend we also had Trevor and Lashel's family come visit for Swiss Days! (My parent's stayed at a hotel for those 3 nights)
It was a fun and quick visit and I didn't take nearly enough pictures but we always love seeing the Probst side of the family!

It was so hard to say goodbye to Trev and Lashel! We love them so and Maycie was soooo attached and made us all tear up with her reaction to when they had to leave.  It was so sweet.  She was trying not to cry and said, "I want you to stay longer."
Things are getting real over here!! Getting everything ready for the big day!
September 9th was the big day!!
We had a scheduled induction and things were going pretty smoothly.
Epidural, enjoying my popsicle, and resting as I dilated.
Around 12:50pm the nurse came and checked me again.  I was dilated to an 8 and she paged the Dr. when he came in in his shirt and tie she told him that a big blood clot had just come out of me about the size of a baseball.  News to me!  He quickly went to get changed and told her to get the room ready.  When he came back he checked me and said another big blood clot had passed and that he was thinking a placental abruption. They started paging people and hurrying around the room.  Within seconds, there was proabably 15 people in the room.  They put oxygen on me (for the baby) and were getting ready for any scenario.  He basically told me we need to get the baby out now or have a C-section.  
She was still pretty high up and not in the birth canal and I was only now barely a 9.  He told me to push really hard and I did!  Thankfully she moved down and I was able to push really hard a few more times and she was born!!!!  She was quiet initially but started crying and the huge relief hit me and I started bawling!  She was here and she was ok!  The room emptied as quickly as it had filled!  It was just us and the doctor and nurse again.  They had to weigh all the blood that I had lost to make sure I didn't need a transfusion.  And they checked the baby's umbilical cord to make sure she was never deprived of oxygen and thankfully she wasn't.  All was well.  My urgent and earnest prayers were answered.

Tom cutting the umbilical cord.


I love being a mom... but I LOVE seeing Tom be a dad.  He's amazing

After a couple hours... she still didn't have a name.  And honestly, naming her was a real struggle.  We struggled my whole pregnancy coming up with and agreeing on ANY names! We were NOT on the same page at all haha!!   It was honestly so hard.  But we both liked and settled on the name Kamri with the middle name Chelle (after Tom's mom Michelle)
And now we love it and it suites her so well!
Kamri Chelle Styler
7lbs 14oz

Heading home!

First family pic!
Jade and Lainey were ecstatic to meet her!  EVERYONE they came in contact with knew we were having a baby haha

Maycie did not approve initially.  and while all the attention was on the baby, she said, "take a picture of me!" which is funny because she hates pics generally!  may be a little jealous haha

Maycie getting closer... but still not thrilled.  The first time she held Kamri she said, "get it off me!" haha!

It took a few days but FINALLY Maycie came around!! yay!

First check up!

soooo tiny! I love the fleeting time where she could just snuggle on half my chest!

She would smile randomly since birth!! 
melts my heart!

We are just getting back to normal life while soaking in this time as well.

I took the girls up to Rylie's birthday party while Tom stayed home with Kamri.  It turned out to be an interesting party.  Poor Sharice had been having some stomach problems since the night before, and when the party was about to start, the pain became a lot worse. 
So Gregg took Sharice to the hospital and I did the party for Rylie!  About an hour in, Gregg's mom Susan and Tasha came to help too.  
Sharice ended up having to have her Gall bladder out after day's of waiting!! So rough for them, but so glad it all worked out.

The good ole Owl Pajamas!
Here is all 4 girls around 3 weeks old
Jade top left, Lainey Bottom Left , Maycie middle, and Kamri!

Cutest sisters!!